Small Groups – Bible Study

At present, we have eleven small groups operating in Longbeach Parish, all meeting on various days, times and places.

Our main focus is on Bible Study, but we enjoy each others fellowship and sharing of ideas and it brings us together on a more intimate relationship which cannot be achieved just from meeting at church services.

We encourage all our members to be part of such a group. Each group is free to choose trrheir own study material. Sometimes all groups join together and do a Lenten study.

Day Time Location Contact
Monday 10:30 am St Chad’s Beth Reid 9772 7494
2nd & 4th Monday 1:30 am Anita Allen 9776 8199
Monday 7:30 pm Bruce & Jacky Russel 9772 2920
Alt Monday 10:00 am Ranji & Winston Manokaran 9776 0494
Tuesday 10:00 am Vestry Room James Reid 9772 7494
Tuesday 11:30 am Lunch Church Rev’d Ian Oates 0437 244 689
1st Tuesday 2:00 pm Ingrid & Gideon Tredoux 0405 973 216
Wednesday 10:00 am St Chad’s Natalie Allinson 9773 2381
Wednesday 7:30 pm Sometimes at St Chad’s Consuelo 0422 536 855
4th Thurdsay 2:00 pm St Chad’s Christine Taylor